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Square Rectangular Version

The Four Styles

Sandwich Double Diamond Field Gate

“Sandwich” Field Gate

Available 4 -10 Foot

Tamworth Braced Field Gate

“Tamworth” Field Gate

Available 4 - 10 Foot

The Tufton Gate

“Tufton” Field Gate

Available 4 - 10 Foot

We have just introduced a “New” Garden Gate in similar styling to our Sandwich Gate, but only 40 inches in height versus 48 inches for the field gates.         Photos to come shortly.

Other Styles and Different Sizes are available by Special order!

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Last Updated: August 12, 2014


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Do your remember you made      some gates for us about five        years ago? They are holding up     fine. We’d like to order another set and a single gate.”

                                  Ann W.

“What a great idea: good luck.”
                       Equine Journal

“Beautifully made.”

“The gates are fabulous and we can’t wait to show them to our friends.”
                                  Paul W.

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