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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can we arrange with ADRILY Gates to make a gate(s) that is different in style and size?

Please contact us with your needs and we will discuss it with you and give you options. As we custom make our gates,  we would be happy to work with you to achieve what you want.

Q: Do you install the gates?

We do not install the gates, but are more than happy to work your fencing contractor. Our gates come with instructions and a hinge template.

Q: Are other woods available?

We are happy to use another species of wood to meet your needs. Our only requirement is that it be able withstand the environment.

Q: Can the gates be painted and/or stained?

Yes, the gates can be painted and/or stained. For added protection a water shield should be applied for protection of the wood if they are not painted and/or stained.

Q: Does the hardware come in any other colors?

No, it is available in Galvanized and a Black Powder Coating over Galvanized only.

Q: How tall are the gates?

The gate stiles are 48 inches high with the exception of the “Tufton” where the hinge stile is 72 inches high.

Q: How far off the ground should the gates be hung?

We recommend the stiles be five inches off the ground, but what is more important is that the top rail match the top rail of your fence. Our template is set accordingly.

Q: What is the size of the posts?

We recommend the posts be a minimum of 6 in. x 6 in. x  8 ft. and cemented three feet in the ground.

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Do your remember you made      some gates for us about five        years ago? They are holding up     fine. We’d like to order another set and a single gate.”

                                  Ann W.

“What a great idea: good luck.”
                       Equine Journal

“Beautifully made.”

“The gates are fabulous and we can’t wait to show them to our friends.”
                                  Paul W.

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