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Ceiling Mounted Drying

     We are importing the Ceiling Mounted Drying Airers (Racks) from England where they have been available for years. The wood laths are made in our shop. These racks are perfect for hanging your horse blankets and other tack whether they be wet or dry so your barn can be “green” friendly. Here is why:

    No cost to run - no using a dryer

    No carbon emissions

    Hang off the beams out of the way

     Available in eight colors, wood lath lengths from 3 to 8 feet, and a perfect addition to any barn. The eight foot length would be perfect for blankets. The other sizes would make a perfect addition to any household for drying clothes.

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       The rack hangs from the ceiling with rope, two pulleys and cleat on the wall. The cleat is used to hold the rack in place while you are hanging the clothes or holds it to the ceiling for drying.  This allow to dry your clothes, sheets or even horse blankets out of your way and have the rack off the floor. They come in the eight colors shown above but we only currently stock - cream, white, black and pewter. The remaining four can be Special Ordered for quick delivery. They are available on our Square Market Homepage.

        Our current prices as at June 1st, 2014 are:

          4 Foot                 $156.00

          5 Foot                 $164.00

          6 Foot                 $172.00

          7 Foot                 $180.00

          8 Foot                 $188.00

        Each of the Drying Racks comes as a kit for easy installation. One box contains the parts - two hangers, two pulleys (one single and one double) with ceiling mounting screws, a cleat for the wall and 30 feet of cotton rope with a nylon inner with full instructions - and a second box with the untreated pine laths. Our most popular is the 5 foot length but an 8 foot length is well suited in a barn for drying or airing horse blankets.

        Please contact us for shipping information and costs via UPS Ground as they vary according to your location. Charges range from $45.00 to $60.00.

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